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Company now has a security group, one cartoon group, security group, multimedia department, project development group:

1, security division: professional engaged in intelligent visiting personnel management system, the intelligent handling registration management system, and the second generation id card reading, identification, validation, marketing and service of the equipment.

2, one cartoon division: from schools, departments, enterprises and institutions such as campus id and enterprise one cartoon projects, property one cartoon projects, community projects such as IC card: consumption management, door access, channel management, vehicle access, attendance check, bank deposits and member management systems and equipment such as series of products such as marketing and services, and the surrounding office equipment and supplies sales and service.

3, security division: engaged in security equipment, security, car detector, underground detector, portable detector, explosion-proof, visitors, needle detector machine, pesticide residues, X-ray machines, vending booths facilities such as marketing and services.

4, multimedia division: engaged in multimedia classrooms, experimental rooms, and the surrounding office equipment and office supplies of marketing and service.

5, project development department: according to customer needs professional custom, integration, docking and developing all kinds of application systems.

Sincerely look forward to can provide you with information, automation, professional service!

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