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Based on the active RFID technology construct campus safety management

2014/7/16      view:

Recently a murder happened in the campus of fujian, guangdong and other places has caused the social from all walks of life and the education administrative departments at all levels to the campus security. Investigate its reason, in the whole society, school, especially in primary and secondary schools, kindergarten security prevention capacity is relatively weak, it is easy to become illegal crime molecules, especially those who hate society, desperate to vent, target. Of the political bureau of the CPC central committee and the central politics and law committee secretary, director of the central ZongZhiWei zhou yongkang kindergarten emphasizes to strengthen school security work; The ministry of education is to strengthen primary and middle school kindergarten security issued an urgent notice. The social from all walks of life are to take active measures, to ensure the safety of the child's school. Campus security is directly related to the child can be safe, healthy growth, related to the well-being of millions of families and social harmony and stability. To ensure the safety of the campus, be badly in need of society, school, family, hand in hand, weaving a safety net for our children.

Social security is the most important for safety and students, especially in primary and middle school students, young children are minors, is to let person the most care group, the main concern of the group is most in need of protection. Students, children and beams for the future development of our society, and at present most of them are single children, students' personal safety, extracurricular activities and the education condition directly affects every parent's heart. Schools due to the limited of the faculty and the backward technology, and management of the students still in the stage of manual management and computer aided management preliminary stage, information feedback in time, and shortage of information communication with parents. As parents, you go to work when the work is concerned about their children in school life security, if you worry about work too busy, too much time communicating with children; Only on a limited number of times the school at ordinary times is not regular feedback, it is difficult to pass out enough students to parents, students have even visible from the news media, such as skipping classes, flee owing to lack of communication with parents and school wasn't found in time, until the accident.

RFID campus safety management system is designed for education industry of China telecom integrated information-based products. It is a combination of intelligent text messages, RFID access control, and campus security monitoring products and Internet technology is a body comprehensive education industry. Effective series connection has the information communication between parents and school, is to guarantee the students' safety and management of students is an effective means of outside activities.

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